Washburn Theater Department presented 2 showings of the movie The Greatest Showman

Washburn Players and Washburn University’s Department of Theatre presented two screenings of “The Greatest Showman” film on the evenings of September 19 and 20 to help fundraise for the department’s trip abroad to Edinburgh, Scotland in August 2020.

The movie screenings were far from your typical movie theater experience with the Washburn Players holding an instructional session before the screening to teach dance moves from the movie as well as the singalongs that were present during the film.

To keep the mood lively, the theatre department relaxed its no food in the theater rule so that attendees could bring drinks and enjoy popcorn.

Sam Blanchett a freshmen musical theater major said that he enjoyed the opportunity to support his department at the screening.

“I am a theater kid and I feel like this [was] a lot of fun,” Blanchett said.

The Washburn Players and theatre department were invited by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to perform in 2020, which made the fundraiser, supported by the Washburn Alumni Association, critical to help the trip be affordable for students.

Angela Gray and Taylor Molt, both co-presidents of the Washburn Players, were ecstatic over the attendance for two-day showing.

Taylor Molt said, “A lot more [students] getting involved [at the event],” Molt said.

Besides fundraising for the trip, the goal of the showings had been to get people into the theater and interested in what the department was doing.

“Everyone came together [for the event],” Gray said. She felt like it was a monumental success, even though this was the first year the department had done something this grand.

The trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Fringe Festival in 2020, is open to all of Washburn students. The current plan from the Washburn Players and the theatre department is to take 30 students total, and only 10 slots are earmarked only for theater majors.


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